Trip Facts

Trip length: 10 Days
Grade: Moderate
Starts in: Dehradun
Ends in: Dehradun
Accommodation: Home stay , Tent
Transportation: Ex Dehradun
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Maximum altitude: 4100 M
Trek length: 9night/10days

Itinerary in brief

Day 01: Dehradun to Mori/Netwar/Dhola.
Overnight in guest house or camping in Dhola.
Day 02. Dhaula 1560 mts to Gosangu 1920 mts,
via Sewa (5½ hrs. Level: Easy undulating walk, with short climbs and drops. Altitude gain: 360 mts/1180 ft. 11 kms).
Day 03. Gosangu 1920 mts to Jhaka 2650 mts
Via Jiskun 2320 mts (5½ hrs. Level: Long climbs with gentle walks in between. Altitude gain: 730 mts/2394 ft. 9 kms)
Day 04. Jhaka 2650 mts to Saruwas thatch 3400 mts
Via Uduknal 3000 mts (4½ hrs. Level: Mostly climbs with one gentle walk in between. Altitude gain: 650 mts/2132 ft. 6 kms).
Day 05. Saruwas thatch 3400 mts to Dhanderas thatch 3560 mts (lower water fall camp)
(4½ hrs. Level: Initial short climb followed by easy undulating walks. Altitude gain: 210 mts/680 ft. 6 kms)
Day 06. Dhanderas thatch 3560 mts to Upper Waterfall camp 4000 mts
(2 hrs steep climb. Altitude gain: 210 mts/1444 ft.)
Day 07. Upper Waterfall camp 4000 mts to Rupin Pass 4650 mts (via Rati Pheri), further on to Ronti Gad 4100 mts
(10-11 hours of trekking. Steep climb to the pass followed by a sharp descent.)
Day 08. Ronti Gad 4100 mts to Sangla 2679 mts Via Sangla Kanda 3600 mts (6 hrs of steep descent. Altitude loss 1321 mts/4200 ft)
The descent to Sangla is steep and hard on your knees and toes but makes up for everything with its ever changing scenery. For the first time you get to view the Kinner Kailash range and the blue pines of the Baspa valley. Trek finishes at arrival in Sangla.
Day 09: Breakfast and departure to Shimla. Overnight in Hotel in shimla.
Day 10: Departure to Delhi.


Price Includes:
01- All land transfer as per above itinerary.
02- Conservation/trekking entry permits fees.
03- Tent accommodation on trek days
04- 3 meals in each day ( Bf, Lunch Dinner ) while on the trek.
05- Fully escorted trek with license holder local Trekking guide.
06- Attractive salaries, wages, equipment and other facilities to Uttarachal trekking trekking staffs.
07- Tent ,sleeping beg ,mattress, walking sticks , kitchen tent /mess tent ,toilet tent.
Price Excludes:
01- Travel Insurance
02- Medical evacuation in case of emergency.
03- Expenses or bills of personal nature or any tips or donation.

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